Jane Yao

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Jane Yao
Personal Real Estate Corporation
Property Manager

Jane Yao has been with Macdonald Commercial working as a licensed property manager since 2011. She is incredibly experienced in dealing with people as she previously worked as a sales representative in many international companies such as Dupont, Molex and AP Moller Maserk for more than 15 years. During this time, she was able to develop an impeccable work ethic that consists of great communication skills, time management and conflict management. Jane Yao immigrated to Vancouver in 2008 and shortly set up her own company to provide home settlement service to new comers. Through this, she realized there was a great demand for rental property management and decided to immerse herself in the industry. Her interpersonal skills were an absolute asset as dealing with people is the majority of the workload as a property manager.

Jane found happiness as a property manager as she is able to experience instant gratification from both tenants and owners alike. Her client’s trust her with their luxury properties and know that Jane uses her intuition in additional to knowledge when placing tenants in their valuable properties. Her clients take great pride in Jane knowing that any issue which arises is dealt with properly and in a timely manner.

Languages: English & Mandarin
Specialized Regions: South Surrey & Richmond