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Matt Nugent

Matt was born and raised in Vancouver and has been involved in the real estate development and commercial real estate industry for the past six years.

Prior to joining Macdonald Commercial, Matt worked as a consultant for a multi-national real estate firm and specialized in:
Retail demand modeling and forecasting using a demographic and expenditure-based model to anticipate land and square foot demand
Analysis and forecasting of residential, office, retail and commercial real estate markets
Development feasibility analysis involving development pro formas, discounted cash flow analysis, net present value calculations and internal rate of return calculations
Demographic analysis and forecasting
Determination of highest and best use for land in urban and rural markets in Western Canada

Matt started his career in real estate as the Municipal Liaison Coordinator for a multi-national real estate development industry association. He acted as a representative for the development industry in numerous Metro Vancouver municipalities and has developed strong working relationships with both municipal Councils and Staff. Prior to real estate, Matt held various positions within both the Provincial and Federal government including roles at the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Fisheries (Abbotsford), the Ministry of Water Land and Air Protection (Fort St. John) and Western Economic Diversification (Vancouver).

Matt holds a Bachelor in Arts from Simon Fraser University with concentrations in both Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Urban Planning. He also recently completed the Diploma of Urban Land Economics from the University of British Columbia with a concentration in Development Management.
Matt Nugent