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Jane Yao

Jane Yao, has been working as a sales representative in international company like Dupont, Molex and AP Moller Maserk for more than 15 years. She won clients’ loyalty and satisfactory by listening to them, finding out their true needs and helping them reach their goals.

Jane Yao immigrated to Vancouver in 2008. She set up her own company to provide home settlement service to new comers. By working for the new comers, she found out the great opportunity of rental property business and resolutely decided to dedicate herself into this industry. To her, rental property manager is like a bridge, bridging the right person to the right house. The happiest moment to Jane is that when the tenants expressed their appreciation for having found them an ideal home! Jane is so much grateful to the clients’ trust and therefore would like to express once more: My Dear Clients, Jane will be always with you, with my diligence and passion!
Jane Yao