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Tenant FAQs

  1. What are the "Move In" Procedures? Upon the Landlord’s acceptance of your tenancy you will be provided with Move In instructions by your Property Manager;
  2. Can I pay my rent late? No, your rent is due, in advance, on the first day of each month as provided in your Tenancy Agreement. This is a very important lease term for your Landlord and late rent and/or non payment of rent may give cause for the Landlord to terminate your Tenancy;
  3. How do I pay the rent? You should have been provided with written correspondence outlining how the rent is to be paid. To obtain rent payment instructions please email with your request and specify your name and tenancy address;
  4. When can I end my tenancy? That depends on whether you have a “month to month” or “fixed term” Tenancy Agreement. If you are on a “month to month” Tenancy Agreement you can end the tenancy by giving one full month’s notice (ie: should you wish to terminate your lease and leave on June 30 you would have to give written notice to the Landlord by May 31). If you are on a “fixed term” tenancy, your tenancy continues until the end of the term as specified in the Tenancy Agreement and on that date the tenancy is terminated. Refer to your Tenancy Agreement to determine if you have a “month to month” or “fixed term” Tenancy Agreement;
  5. How much is the Security Deposit and Pet Deposit? The Security Deposit is one half of the first month’s rent and the Pet Deposit is one half of the first month’s rent as provided by the Residential Tenancy Act and its rules and regulations.
  6. What is included in the Rent? As each property in our management portfolio varies, please refer to your Tenancy Agreement to determine the services (ie: gas, electric, cable, parking ect.) that are included in your rent or whether you are responsible for these costs;
  7. Can tenant assign or sublet? The tenant may not assign or sublet the rental unit to another person without the written consent of the landlord. If this tenancy agreement is for a fixed length of 6 months or more, the landlord must not unreasonably withhold consent. Under an assignment a new tenant must assume all of the rights and obligations under the existing tenancy agreement, at the same rent;
  8. Can tenant change the lock after he moves in? The tenant must not change locks or other means of access to:
    a) common areas of residential property, unless the landlord consents to the change, or
    b) his or her rental unit, unless the landlord consents to, or an arbitrator has ordered, the change.
  9. Is it up to my Property Manager to approve repairs in my suite? Your Property Manager and Macdonald Commercial are agents for the Landlord of your property and, therefore, in most cases, your Property Manager will require prior written approval from the Landlord before approving any repairs to your residence;
  10. Can I have Pets? You can only have Pets if it was specified in your Tenancy Agreement prior to the commencement of your Tenancy and the required Pet Deposit has been paid;
  11. What are the "Move Out" Procedures? Well in advance of the date of your scheduled move out you will need to ensure that you have been in touch with your resident manager or property manager to arrange for the move out inspection. This inspection is to take place after you have fully vacated the premises and all required cleaning has been completed. Refer to your tenancy agreement and any written information your manager has provided to you for the specific duties and cleaning required of you. You tenancy agreement will also specify when your tenancy ends, for example, 12:00 noon on the last date of the tenancy. You should have available to you your Condition Inspection Report completed at the beginning of your tenancy to ensure that you will not be held responsible for any damages or wear to the premises prior to your tenancy. You will receive your security deposit in the mail with 14 days of your tenancy ending and after an approved move out inspection.
  12. Is Tenant Insurance required? Yes, you are required to have Tenant’s Insurance and if you do not have a preferred insurance broker or wish to obtain an insurance quotation please contact Steve Storrey, Client Executive, BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc. at Refer to your Rental Agreement for the insurance coverage you are required to carry.
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